Sushi Candy is a dessert based on sushi. It uses crisped rice instead of regular rice, then different kinds of candy as toppings.

Instead of seafood, Sushi Candy uses gummy candy, and in my example, I will be using gummy worms and Swedish fish.
And instead of seaweed, Sushi Candy uses fruit roll ups.

I originally made Sushi Candy for a class project, but I enjoyed it so much that I kept making more!

Some facts about Sushi from Food and

• Highest reported price ever paid for a tuna: $83,500, in 1992.
Currently, there is no known highest reported price ever paid for Sushi Candy, although at some high end grocery stores, Rice Krispy Treats have been known to cost as much as $5 / box.

• Length of longest sushi roll ever made, in feet: 4,381
Length of my longest Sushi Candy roll I have ever made, in feet: 2

• Number of sushi pieces chef Masa Takayama of Manhattan's Masa restaurant makes in one hour: about 200.
Number of Sushi Candy pieces I made in an hour 20, then I ran out of fruit roll ups.