Blue Floral Cake Pops
Glazed Chocolate Donut Coffee Flavored Macarons
Sushi Candy
Floral Flower Cake Pops
Chocolate Macarons with Flowers
Book-Shaped Cake Pops
Bear-Shaped Cookies
Maracrons image
Each handcrafted Maria Mini Macaron will take you to the cobblestone streets of Paris ...
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Sushi Candy image
Sushi Candy
Sushi Candy is a dessert based on sushi. Instead of seafood, Sushi Candy uses candy ingredients.
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Cake Pops
My cake pops are more than just cake and icing... I create cute shapes, from animals to fancy creations.
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Assorted Creations
Snack-creations, ranging from decorated sugar cookies to chocolate-dipped krispie treats.
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