How to Make the Hooters(tm) Outfit

A little while ago, Sheri tried to apply for a job at the local Hooters Restaurant. She got all dressed up (see picture), but her application was rejected- they claimed she couldn't be a waitress since she wasn't a real person! I think it's a case of discrimination against "reality-challenged" people, but that's another story. (Before anyone actually hires an attorney to take the case, I am only joking- Sheri never filled out an application!)

Sheri in a Hooters outfit
To download this outfit (.zip file of .jpg files),
PC users: right-click and choose "Save Target As..", Mac users: hold down the mouse button and choose "Save Target As..".

How did I create this outfit? Here is the tutorial. (Note: be sure you are familiar with the concept of transparency maps before continuing.)

Applications used:

  • Poser 4
  • UV Mapper
  • Adobe Photoshop
    1. Find a Hooters™ logo for the front of the shirt. I did some searching on the Internet until I came across a site with a suitable image.
    2. Use UV Mapper to create templates for the following objects: Female T-Shirt. Biker Shorts, and Unitard. You should find these items in the following folders:
      The T-Shirt is in "Runtime\Geometries\Poser4Clothes\Shirts" and is called "blwTshirt.obj".
      The Biker Shorts is in "Runtime\Geometries\Poser4Clothes\Shorts" and is called "blwbiksorts.obj".
      The Unitard is in "Runtime\Geometries\Poser4Clothes\Suits" and is called "blUnitard.obj".
      Note: Read the Using Transparency Maps Page for more detailed instructions on creating object templates.
      Poser 6 users: Please note that, by default, Poser 6 stores the items in a compressed format: The obj files are saved as compressed "obz" format. Unfortunatrly, UV Mapper can not read obz files.
      The workaround is to add the clothing figures to the scene and export them as obj files. To do this, simply add the figure to the scene and, with the figure selected, go to File > Export > Wavefront obj file. Since we're only using this obj file to create a map, you can save the file wherever you like and with whatever name you like. When Poser asks which options you would like, you can leave the boxes checked or unchecked- again, since we're only using this to create a map, we don't need the additional information.
      Once you've exported the T-Shirt, Biker Shorts, and Unitard, you can go back to step 2, create a template, and continue with the tutorial.
    3. Using Photoshop, we will need to create 2 files for the T-Shirt: a vest-shaped transparency map and a corresponding texture map with the Hooters™ logo. I will leave it to you to create the actual shapes and place the logo, but here are the maps as examples:
      T-Shirt texture map T-Shirt transparency map
      T-Shirt texture map T-Shirt transparency map
    4. Next, we will need to create a transparency map for the shorts. This transparency map modifies the Biker Shorts object by slightly "cutting off" the top and curving the bottom:
      Biker Shorts transparency map
      Biker Shorts texture map
    5. And using Photoshop one last time, we will need to create a transparency map for the tights. This transparency map modifies the Unitard object by "cutting off" the top part and coloring the "legs":
      Unitard to tights transparency map
      Unitard to tights texture map
    6. Now we can switch over to Poser and start applying these texture and transparency maps.
      • Start Poser and load your favorite female character.
      • For added realism, add the Right and Left Sock and the Right and Left Running Shoe. Don't forget to give these objects names so you can keep track of them.
      • Add the following objects (which will become the Hooters™ outfit): T-Shirt, the Biker Shorts, and the Unitard. Don't forget to give these objects their own name as well.
      • Next, set the Material Options for the clothes as follows:
        Material settings for the Biker Shorts.
        Material settings for the Biker Shorts.
        Material settings for the T-Shirt
        Material settings for the T-Shirt.
        Material settings for the Unitard.
        Material settings for the Unitard.
      • The objects should now be complete! Just pose your character, add some objects (to suit your taste), and you're all done.

    Now who wants to make a Hooters™ restaurant so we can put these characters to work? After all, us Poser designers have to make money some how- let's have our models get a job!

    Note: Hooters™ is a trademark of Hooters of America Restaurants. (But we all knew that, didn't we?)