Where to Find Stuff

Ever since this site has been up, people have frequently asked me where they could find a certain item or piece of software. So, at long last, I decided to put together a list of where to find the commonly-asked-for items. Please remember that there is no way that I can list every single item found on every single website. This list is intended as a starting point for you to discover what is out there.

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Before we begin, here are some answers to some commonly-asked questions:

Where can I find that cute character that I see in so many images?
Almost every Poser character is actually two parts: the base figure and the custom addition.
1) The base figure is one of a few Poser human figures: the Poser 2- Poser 6 figures, Vicky/ Mike, or a few others. The Poser figures are included with the standard installation of Poser... and the higher versions of Poser also include the lower-version figures (i.e., Poser 6 includes the version 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 figures).
2) The second part of the character is a change in the shape (using morph targets), a texture map, and hair. This part of the character is made by the artist and may or may not be available for free or for sale.
Note: As you've probably found out, there is a huge market for custom-created characters (again, for use with a pre-existing figures like Vicky 3). Remember, you need to have the base figure in order to use the custom character.

Where can I get Vicky or Mike? Are they included with Poser?
Vicky (1, 2, and 3) and Mike (1, 2, and 3) are "base figures" made by DAZ3D. They are not included with Poser, but are for sale on the DAZ website (see below for link). As of late 2004, the Vicky 3 and Mike 3 base figures are 100% free... although you will need to purchase things like morph packs, textures, clothing, poses, etc.

For Free

Free items can be found on many Poser-user sites, but you should start your search at these big community sites: (links open in a new window)
 Content Paradise (or access this site from the "Content Paradise" tab, within Poser 5 and 6)
Note: these sites require you to sign up for a membership before you can download anything... however, membership is free AND you get access to tons of stuff!

I suggest a "three-pronged" approach:
1) Go to the "Free Stuff" or "Downloads" section and browse the latest additions.
2) Go to the "Free Stuff" section and click on the "Search" feature to look for specific items.
3) Look for a "WebRing"-type list of sites. Go to each of the sites and see what they have to offer.
3a) And when you are on each of the sites, click on their Links page and go through those sites. Just remember to bookmark any site that you think is important so you can get back to it later!


There are a number of user-made software utilites available for use with Poser (such as my own MAT Pose Creator and Object Organizer or the programs UV Mapper and PHI Builder). Most utilities have free or limited versions available for download at the usual community sites. When you download the free version, there will be a "readme" file that includes instructions on how to purchase the full version.

For Sale

For-Sale items can be found at the above links (3D Commune, Content Paradise, etc). Almost everything your Poser figures (and you) could ever want can probably be found in a Marketplace store somewhere. Need clothes or hair or textures or a ful character (for your Poser people)? How about file management utilities (for you)? You may want to set a spending limit for yourself or your Poser people will have a larger clothing budget than you do!

There is one notable exceptions: The "Millenium Figures". Vicky, Vicky 2, Mike, and Mike 2 are all available for sale at DAZ3d.com. Vicky 3 and Mike 3 are now free.

Software Packages

And now we come to the serious stuff- the full-blown, corporation-made, software packages.


Poser 6
(purchase from Smith Micro)

Image-Editting/ Paint Programs

3-D Modelling Programs

(purchase from Smith Micro)


As with the for-sale stuff, online tutorials can be found on both user-made sites and the big, Poser-community sites. Most sites have a "Search" function, but it's more fun to see what's out there.

But, if you'd prefer to go through a book, rather than a website, there is a large selection out there. Take a look at what Amazon.com has to offer!