Upcoming and Current Projects

This is the page where you can get a sneak peek at some of the projects that I am working on... well, those projects that I can talk about, that is. I would list all of the neat things that I am working on for my clients, but many have said not to disclose any information until their project is officially anounced.

Before I get stated, though, I'd just like to mention that my modelling services are available for custom modelling projects. Do you need a specific model for your project? If so, please feel free to contact me for details.

Anyway, what can I talk about? Well, take a look at these things:

November 2003: I begin work on a new graphics-community website. It will be a 100%-custom built site and will include all of the usual sections: an image gallery, forums, downloadable free stuff, models for sale, and tutorials.

Feburary 13, 2004: The website is given a name: Vanishing Point... and officially opens for business!
And in May, 2005, Vanishing Point becomes a 'partner site' with Curious Labs' Content Paradise site.

Day of the Ninja (Graphic Novel)

September 2003: From the 2003 Preface: Back in 1989, my friend Kurt and I wrote the classic tale of "ninja warfare, death and destruction"- Day of the Ninja. In 1990, I decided to try my hand at creating a graphic novel (okay, a comic book) from what we had written. The results, were, well, shall we say, less than spectacular. Sure, I could blame it on the technology- I was using an Apple II GS with only 256 colors and a dot-matrix printer with a color ribbon that tended to fade out a lot. Pretty primative by today's standards! But, let's be honest... I couldn't draw people to save my life! Sure, the graphic novel retained all witty dialog, but it was always missing that special "something".

Fast forward to 2003... while unpacking some almost-forgotten boxes of papers, I re-discovered our story. Even though the artwork still looked silly, the print outs had held up well. I started to wonder what the story would look like if it was done "right", with today's computer graphic programs: Lightwave, Poser, and Photoshop. Unfortunately, I had long since lost the original files- I sold my Apple II GS in 1994 and had no reason to save any of the original programs or files. Luckily, though, I had printed all of the pages and packed them away for safe-keeping. Then again, even if I did have the original files, they probably would be unusable by today's programs: the files would be in "Paintworks Gold" format and very small: 320x450 pixels (or something like that).

I have decided to revisit our tale by creating a "Special Edition" graphic novel. I now have a chance to go back and correct all the things that were missing in the original and add back the scenes that were too costly to include... like the scene with Jabba the Hutt. (Oh, sorry, wrong "Special Edition".) Now remastered and digitally enhanced, the reader can finally experience Day of the Ninja as it was meant to be read- at a resolution of 1125x1500 pixels and in millions of colors!

Please note that the artwork, characters, storyline, likenesses, and all other such stuff is not only copyrighted by the DMCA of 1996, but is also copyrighted by the paperwork filed with the Copyright & Patent Office by Kurt and I back in 1989. So don't even think about taking any of these ideas as your own.

On a lighter note, the entire graphic novel is scheduled to be released in December of 2003 as a printed book. The original plan was to sell printed versions of the book, but after looking into the costs of printing and shipping, I found that it would be a lot easier to compile the pages into a pdf file. However, if you would like me to make you a printed version, let me know and I'll give you a price.

Here is a little taste- the first three pages: (each link opens a new window)
DON, page 1a, Preface DON, page 2, Introduction DON, page 3, A Guy Yells at You

October 2003: the pages are finished... almost 2 months ahead of schedule! The complete graphic novel is available for sale as a pdf file! Go to the Marketplace Page to purchase.

Mother Made Me (Movie)

June 2003: Mother Made Me is an "indie" horror movie being made in Maine, by Mystical Media Productions. Back in June, I was brought onboard to create artwork for the movie. I originally created some Poser renders of "key scenes", but my work turned into developing posters and artwork from their cast photos.

Auagust 2003: My role as artist expands- I begin work on the opening credits sequence... nothing too exciting, though- they just need the list of credits to fade in and out, which will then be placed over their footage. I use Lightwave to create a 2 minute "animation" of the words fading in and out, in the order that they need.

October 2003: As the movie enters post-production, I am able to actually talk about it (and post information on my site).

Go check out their site at: Mystical Media Productions.


February 16, 2004: Coming soon... a high-resolution X-Wing Fighter! Similar to my Colonial Viper and Landspeeder models, the X-Wing Fighter will be a Poser figure (cr2) file with a moving canopy, moving wings, and landing gear (which can be hidden). Unlike the other two models, this one will be highly detailed: with a few sections left to finish, the mesh is already close to 25,000 polygons!

February 18, 2004: The X-Wing Fighter is finished and now available at the Vanishing Point: Free Stuff Section.

X-Wing 'promo' image, click for larger version.

February 23, 2004: I put my secret project on hold to create the B-Wing Fighter (from Return of the Jedi). It includes the usual features (moveable wings and a spinning cockpit) and is now available at the Vanishing Point: Free Stuff Section.

B-Wing 'promo' image, click for larger version.

February 28, 2004: I put my secret project on hold (again) to create the Imperial Shuttle, Lamba Class (from Return of the Jedi). It includes the usual features (moveable wings, opening landing ramp, and hide-able landing gear) and is now available at the Vanishing Point: Free Stuff Section.
And, yes, that little speck under the cabin is actually the P4 Business Man... so, yes, this model is HUGE!

Imperial Shuttle 'promo' image, click for larger version.

February 2004: Coming soon: a new model. I know, I know, that doesn't say much, but I don't want to give away any details just yet. (I wouldn't want anyone to steal my idea.)
Here are some hints: 1) it is a vehicle (again, with moving parts), 2) it's from a movie, 3) after an extensive search, I couldn't find an existing mesh of this vehicle anywhere on the Internet! (The usual sites with 3ds and obj vehicles came up empty).
As I get closer to finishing it, I'll post images...
February 27: The new model will be pushed back slightly. Due the response and support of my Star Wars models, I will be making a few more before working on this new model. Trust me, though, it will be worth the wait (especially considering the fact that I'm gaining more practice and experience with modelling).
March 6, 2004: It is finished! What is this super-secret model? Blue Thunder. And why have it I kept it such a secret? Well, to the best of my knowledge, no 3-d mesh exists of this model! (Searching for terms such as "Blue Thunder", "model", or "mesh" only turn up references to the movie or to r/c models.)
You can download it at the Vanishing Point: Free Stuff Section.

Blue Thunder 'promo' image, click for larger version.

March 12, 2004: The next model is ready for download: the TIE Fighter (from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi). This model is similar to the Landspeeder- it is a prop (with no moving parts). It is now available at the Vanishing Point: Free Stuff Section.

TIE Fighter 'promo' image, click for larger version.

March 14, 2004: The next model is ready for download: the Phoenix (from Battle of the Planets). This model is similar to the TIE Fighter- it is a prop (with no moving parts). It is now available at the Vanishing Point: Free Stuff Section.

Phoenix 'promo' image, click for larger version.

April 20, 2004: The next model is ready: The Executive Helicopter (based on the Bell 222)... and its famous conversion: Airwolf!

Similar to the Blue Thunder model, I worked hard to make sure this helicopter had tons of moving parts. Naturally, the top and rear blades rotate, but the doors open, the landing gear retracts, the yoke and control sticks move, and more! The Airwolf version includes wings that extend (with machine guns) and a missle rack that can be raised and lowered.

Please note that the Executive Helicopter is for sale at the Vanishing Point Marketplace. The Airwolf conversion kit is a free download, available at Vanishing Point Free Stuff Section. (Airwolf is available to everyone, but remember that it requires the purchase and installation of the Executive Helicopter model.)

Airwolf patrolling a jungle landscape, click for larger version.

Early May 2004: Having figured out how to make vehicles with moving parts, I move onto my next challenge: how to make an entire figure rearrange its parts. How do I make a transforming vehicle? And how come no one else has done it?

May 19, 2004: My transformable model is ready: the JH-01 "Dragonfly" variable configuration Poser figure. Obviously, it has all the moving parts that a jet fighter should have: opening canopy, raising/ lowering landing gear, and "swing" wings. However, this vehicle has one major difference: it is the FIRST ever Poser figure than can transform its shape- from jet fighter to jet fighter/ robot ("jetbot") to robot.

Please note that the Dragonfly is for sale at the Vanishing Point Marketplace. It includes the transformable figure, 5 textures (and MAT poses), 4 "configuration" poses, and a gun prop.

Dragonfly 'promo' image, click for larger version.

June 2004: My next helicopter model is finished: the Blackhawk. Based on the helicopter used by the US Armed Forces, this model includes the usual moving parts: spinning blades, opening doors, etc., but it also includes new features, such as a "blade droop" setting and "blade blur" props.

Please note that the Blackhawk Helicopter is for sale at the Vanishing Point Marketplace. It includes the model, 5 textures (and MAT poses), 3 "blade blur" transparency maps, and a number of additional props.

Blackhawk Helicopter 'promo' image, click for larger version.

May 2005: Sorry I haven't been keeping this page updated, but you can figure out my latest projects by going to the Goodies Page (for free items), the Marketplace Page (for for-sale items) and over to Vanishing Point to see what's new over there. So, I probably won't be updating this page as often as I should... obviously- since the last time I updated it was back in June 2004!