Links and Recommended Sites

Note: since Poser is a human-figure application, some of the sites may contain artistic nudity. I will leave it to your own discretion whether or not you should visit the sites.

Company Sites:

Smith Micro
The current owners and developers of Poser. Look here for Poser updates and service packs.

Content Paradise
Smith Micro's Content Paradise- one of the best places to purchase and download Poser items.

Adobe Systems, Inc
They make lot of great 2-D and 3-D programs, including: Acrobat Reader, After Effects, GoLive, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and others!

The current owners and developers of DAZ|Studio, Bryce, Carrara, and the digital human figures: Vicky, Mike, Genesis 2 and 3, and more.

One of the largest Poser and digital artwork resource sites on the Internet. Includes forums, tutorials, galleries, free items, and a large marketplace.

e-on software
The makers of Vue d’Esprit, an excellent, easy-to-use 3-D program which has the ability to import Poser pz3 files.

Cornucopia 3d
e-on Software's Cornucopia 3d- one of the best places to purchase and download Vue items.

The makers of Lightwave 3D, an excellent modelling (and rendering) program.

Vanishing Point Merchandise
An online catalog of merchandise my with my artwork, including a wide range of Tabby images on mousepads, mugs, clocks, and more.

Turbo Squid
Get digital content at Turbo Squid.

The 3D
Get digital content at The 3D


Poser Pro
Poser Pro
Buy Poser 8 today!
Poser 8
Poser Figure Artist Virtual 3D Models for Artists
Poser Figure Artist

Anime Studio V5
Manga Studio 4.0 EX Full Version
Manga Studio
Get the 80 Minute Poser Training DVD
Poser Training DVD
DAZ Studio 4 - Create 3D Art for Free
Free 3D Software and Training at DAZ3D

Professional Artwork Sites:

NY Arts Magazine

NY Arts Magazine is "the fastest growing arts monthly in the U.S.". Their magazine is available at over 2,000 US and international locations.

Professional/ Community Sites:

Vanishing Point

My image gallery at DeviantArt.
My store at CGTrader.

Schell's Armour Works - military models and more.

go to

Infinitee Designs

3D Animation Workshop Reference Page
Although the focus is on animation, these pages are a great starting point for the world of 3D modelling.
Some of the information, especially in the earlier chapters, is a little dated- the author talks about "fast" PC's running at 200Mhz! Some of the later chapters talk about advanced topics in 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, and SoftImage.

Personal Sites:

The home of mrsparky, the excellent texture artist and 3d model maker.

Stefan Werner's Site
Excellent tutorials for Poser. Check out the "FireFly options overview" page on how to optimize the settings for Poser's FireFly renderer.

Lyne's Creations
Art work, digital downloads, free models, and more!

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