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For a while, I had been receiving more and more responses from WebTV users. I have decided to post these responses on a separate page since the vast majority of the messages contain numerous grammar or spelling mistakes. (Remember, if you are going to send someone a critical e-mail, at least run it through a spell checker! Nothing causes an argument to fall apart faster than a misspelled word.) So many of the e-mails' authors appear to be illiterate in their defense of the Amway business (but you can judge that for yourself by reading the following uneditted e-mails.)

Please keep in mind that all of these e-mails are readers' opinions and do not necessarily reflect my views, the views of this server, or the views of WebTV.

The following e-mails are in chronological oder, the oldest listed first.

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November 23, 1998

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998
From: Melissa Nelson
To: John Hoagland
Subject: Response

Mr. Hoagland,

I'm a distributor and enjoy this business very much. I'm E-mailing to say that it's America and you do have the right to your opinion but if you were a distributor for two years, what happened to make you so bitter? Did you lose a lot of money? I've been active for almost 2 months and have earned enough to pay for my kit just working at it part time. I can't dispute tool sales etc because honestly, I don't know about that aspect, However, I've not been forced to buy any "tools". I have been sent probably close to 60 motivational and educational tapes and videos to either use or keep and they were free, just to help me. I have downline already and I let them use them too. I'm upfront and honest when I approach people about the business because that's the only way I know how to be and as you should know the core line products really are great cleaners. Why are you so critical? I'm not trying to be mean but do you think it's fair to be saying things that are "unconfirmed rumors" as you say? Also, to say that distributors shouldn't be writing you unless they're close to giving up etc. isn't very nice either. I'm taking the time to write because I believe in your right to be critical just as I believe in my right to believe in the ability of this business. Maybe there are practices within the company that need to be improved, I can't speak to that as I've not encountered anything that hasn't been on the "up and up". If you saw things that needed improvement, did you attempt to make change through the right channels? I just wish for your own sake, you weren't so bitter. I always read good and bad on everything, to answer to your "reading a negative site". I believe there's always room for improvement in anything in life. I take it all in and make an intelligent choice for myself. If I see the need for change, I'll be contacting the corporation myself. As for you though, did you get anything positive from your experience in 2 years? While it's true not everyone will become "rich", I do believe it's possible to make a good living from this business and have pride in your efforts and accomplishments. To advise people to write to companies to try to get them to disassociate themselves with Amway, isn't very nice of you, that's my business you are trying to disrupt. By all means, speak your opinions but is it fair to try to hurt me in the process? Just a thought. That's all I really wanted to say. Thanks for listening.

Sincerely, Lisa

December 2, 1998

Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998
From: Anthony Lardas
To: John Hoagland
Subject: Tools (Your Favorite Subject)

John, I respect your decision to go into business for yourself (The AMWAY Business) it sounds like you didn't make it, a lot of people open businesses every day (restaurants, hair salons etc.) and don't make it actaully go broke and lose lots of money. So my point is if you got into this business and lost lets say $2000 on tools big deal thats a small price to pay to open a business and give it a try and you find it's not for you or you just do not enjoy it no more and want to close shop.

My second point on tools who cares if they make money on them, Why woud people write books make tapes etc. if they did not get paid? Why would you take time out of your week go talk at a function if it's not your group and not get paid for it, that would be stupid and a waste of your time, do you do things for free? As for my upline making money on the tools myself and my downline buy, the more they move the more money they will make and the more the downline learns how to do this business. You figured it out incentives them to move tools, for the benifit of everybody.

I am sure yo have bought books training etc. on how to build web-sites.

Good luck in what ever you choose in life to do and if that's from keeping people from going into business for themselves and possibly failing and losing $2000 to $5000, but they could of opened a restaurant and lost $100,000.


P.S. I know my spelling & Grammer sucks I don't claim to be an english teacher just a sucessful business person with no grammer skills.

March 5, 1999

From: Marisela Brand
To: John Hoagland
Subject: amway

my wife and i currently joined amway this past saturday. amway is no longer amway anymore, it is called quixtar. we were shown the new plan about this new internet mall, ( this plan was very appealing to us, considering all we had to do was to give out business cards with our ada number. this is how customers would be allowed to browse or shop on the mall. we would get a profit everytime someone would use our number, even if they did not buy anything. its the same concept of "uplines" and "downlines", but it is now on the internet. we were both wondering if you had some information on this.

March 14, 1999

From: David and Liz Taylor
Subject: sorry it did not work for you hope the best for you and your family .

There maybe other thing out there. For my family this works. I hpoe you do not send to much time fighting with us. MlM are out there and you can find that one that will works for you . May be it is that good job you have and did not need this life style . I hope the tools did not make you so bitter, but you do not need them to biuld this biusiness . You just need SA-400 it will show there you money to be made 2-5, 15 -20 , it is better to me tham 40 to 50. We do not fill you stole our dream.


March 16, 1999

From: James Flournoy
Subject: ManagersRing

I look at large corporations each and every day and I think they are all cults and pyramids. There are a few people at the top making millions, a somewhat larger management staff in the middle making 6 figures and alarge work force at the bottom producing the end results but getting back very little in return. P&G is one of the largest Pyramids in the world don't you think. If you work somewhere now I promise that you are in a pyramid. If they say jump you jump. I think some companies like Amway offer the little guys at the bottom to make it to top of the pyramid. If you really work hard at your job you just may get to keep it. If you work hard for Amway you may become better off. If not you will be exposed to a very positive and motivational environment. On a final note I will pray for you as an individual and ask God to direct you in what you do.

April 23, 1999

From: (Kelly Milano)
Subject: ManagersRing

I am sorry sir to hear of your hatred for the Amway corporation. My husband and I have been a part of the company now for 2 years and I am already retired and able to stay home with my young son. My husband is retiring this year as we have a well established business already. We sir are living debt free and have been now for quite a while. We never have charged money to credit cards for Amway related activities. The Amway system is a proven system and is backed by many of the leading magazines. As a matter of fact there was recently an article in one called what businesses can learn from Amway. I am sorry that you say the business didn't work for you but you obviously didn't work the business. When the system is followed and the principles of the Bible that they teach are followed it is undeniable that you WILL see results. The results that we have seen are astonishing. I think be, reading your webpage that one of the resaons you did not succeed in the Amway business would be found in your attitude. If it is now what it was like then, no one would want to be in business with you. Whether you owned a restaurant or a movie theater, you would be unable to keep employees or business.

As to Amways use of supeonas. I do support it. Sure we have freedom of speech but if someone was spreading wrong information about you, you too would file a suit to correct the information. Sure there are many people who feel the way you do about the Amway opportuinty, but there are also many others who feel that this is a great opportunity and are succeeding in it. My business is growing at a rapid pace and we are seeing people be free of debt and stress. Amway is a billion dollar company and is debt free. That says something about the corporation I would say. I think you need to re-evaluate your "findings" on the corporation. Maybe if you had different sponsors you would be in a different situation-who knows. Sure there are people in the business who are not up to speed, but the Amway corporation itself is one of the best companies to be involved with.

April 25, 1999

From: (Kelly Milano)
Subject: re: ManagersRing

You are so mistaken about the business that it isn't even funny. First off no money is made from the tools. What I purchase them for is what I sell them for. Where am I making money in that??? Second off there is no way that I am making money off my downline. I am making money through my purchases as well as selling to my customers. Regardless of what you think sir....Your ideas of the company are all misconceptions that you have formes and are trying now to make a name for yourself.

As to living the good life-yes sir we are. Do you even know the feeling you get to be debt free? To know when you go to bed each night that all the bills are gone and that tomorrow morning you won't have to wake up and worry about money. Money is the #1 reason for divorce you know. That will never be a concern for us. We are able to vacation without having to worry about what we spend, or where we go. We have no budget set aside for vacaton like most people do. What will your retirement be like? i gauantee it won't be the "good life" as you call it.

As to my name-my husband and I are in this business together. We have seperate e mails though and he let me choose what I wanted my name to be. The corporation doesn't stress submission nearly to the extent that you are saying. It only goes by what the Bible says. My husbands name also is business related, pus we have our business e mail name too. You sir are a cocky person who would have never made it in the business anyways unless you changed this attitude. Don't blame the business for your lack of success-blame your willingness to change.

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