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Pro-Amway Sites

The Amway Corporation
Amway's official home page on the Internet. Note that this is a "corporate" site- you will find plenty of information about the corporation, but little information about building an Amway business.
InterNet Services Home Page
This is the main web site for Dexter Yager's corporation- the one that creates and publishes the Business Support Materials (which include everything from audio tapes to marketing literature). You will need a user name and password to get beyond the first page and actually see any information on this site. However, click the links on the bottom of the page to see related information.
Amway Statement About Subpoenas, Sidney Schwartz, and P&G (page has been removed)
Amway's justifications behind issuing subpoenas. Since they are the plaintiffs in the case, why do they feel the need to justify their actions?
Amway Statements on Free Speech, on the Internet, and on Sidney Schwartz and P&G
Amway's Corporate position on Free Speech, the Internet, and its critics. (This is actually an entire page talking about how Amway believes in free speech, but that Sidney Schwartz has no right saying the things he says. In other words, Amway believes people have the right to say whatever they wish as long as they don't say anything negative about Amway. Since the page contradicted itself, Amway removed it from their site without explanation. I have, however, "recovered" a copy and have posted it here.)
The "new" Amway- Quixtar. Also on their site: Quixtar's Response to Dateline NBC.

Amway-Critical Sites

Amway Worldwide Dreambuilders and the things they say...
A look at some of the things distributors say to get new people into the Amway business.
How to Spot an Amway Distributor
A list of characteristics that most distributors exhibit. If you hear someone using these lines, chances are good he's a distributor trying to get you into the Amway business.
My Three Years in and Around Amway
The author of this page tells his personal experiences being in and around the Amway business over the course of 3 years.
The Anti-MLM and Anti-Amway Webring
As the WebRing home page, this site was recently served a subpoena by the Amway Corporation. Click on the link to read the subpoena and the editorial comments.

MLM-Critical Sites

MLM Survivor's Homepage
This site is devoted to educating the public about numerous MLM businesses, including: Amway, Equinox, Excel, Herbalife, Melaleuca, and others. Personal stories and experiences from readers are included.
MLM Survivors Club
Hosted on Yahoo, this is a forum where people can read messages from other 'MLM Survivors' and post their own questions and responses to MLM's.
Freedom of Mind's page on Amway/ Quixtar
The Freedom of Mind people have created a page specifically for AMO's and Quixtar. (Does this mean that AMO's are being recognized by the "professional community" as a "cult"?)

Professional Articles Critical of Amway

The San Francisco Chronicle
'My Way or Amway'- a short article about the author's sister's experience with an Amway distributor.

Cult-Related Resources

Steven Hassan/ "Freedom of Mind", intervention specialist
This is a site for people to learn first-hand about cults from a professional psychologist who specializes in this area. If you have questions about cults, this site should provide some answers.
New: Steven Hassan has finished his second book, Releasing The Bonds: Empowering People To Think For Themselves, which is now available on the Freedom of Mind website. I have read it and highly recommend it.
Cult allegations against Amway
A number of articles (some reprinted from newspapers) about the cult-like aspects of the Amway business.

Recommended Books

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