A List of Companies Whose Products are Found in the Amway Catalogs

Here is a list of the companies whose products are sold in the Amway catalogs. Tell them that you will no longer purchase their products as long as they use Amway as a reseller. Tell them that you will no longer support a company who supports the practices of Amway distributors.

Note: if you have been referred to this page by a distrubtor (or IBO) who is trying to prove the success of Amway/ Quixtar, please visit the Index Page for all of the information on this site, which is very critical of the business.

7th Ave (men's ties)
Action Lane (furniture)
Adidas (athletic aparrel)
Adolfo (men's ties)
Aerosoles (sandals)
Agfa (camera film)
Airtrac (treadmill)
Airwalk (shoes)
Albert Nipon (clothing)
Albies (calzone)
Alexander Julian (belts)
Algi-Con (pool cleaner)
American Tourister (luggage)
Andis (hair dryers)
Anne Klein (clothing)
Argus (35mm camera)
Armitron (watches)
Arrow (shirts)
AT&T (cordless telephones)
Audiovox (car stereo)
Austin (snack foods)
Avia (shoes)
Avid (camp equipment)
Avis (car rental)
Award (garden products)
Baby King (baby items)
Baker's Supreme (cake mix)
Ball Park (hot dogs)
Ballarini (kitchen appliances)
Bartholdi (1 $75,000 Statue of Liberty for sale)
Bass (clothing)
Beadmagic (bead styling set)
Beatrix Potter (gift tins)
Beaver Brook (clothing)
BellSouth (answering machine)
Bert Pulitzer (clothing)
Betty Crocker (kitchen products)
Bill Blass (clothing)
Bionaire (odor filter fan)
Bissell (carpet cleaners)
Black & Decker (power tools)
Black Opal ("ethnic hair care")
Boboli (breads)
Body Beware (undergarments)
Bolle (sun glasses)
Bonide (garden products)
Bose (speakers)
Bostonian (shoes)
Botany 500 (clothing)
Braetan (clothing)
Braun (small kitchen appliances)
Brooks (shoes)
Brother (fax machine)
Broyhill (furniture)
Bubbilicious (bubble gum)
Buddy L (battery charger)
Bugle Boy (clothes)
Bushnell (binoculars)
Buxton (wallets)
Cadec (electronic notebook)
Cadence (treadmill)
Calvin Klein (clothes/ undergarments)
Cannon (35mm camera)
Capezio (hand bags)
Car-Mate (car products)
Caressa (shoes)
Carnation (non-dairy creamer)
Carol Anderson (clothes)
Carol Wior (swimsuits)
Casio (electronics)
Casual Ease (shoes)
Caterpiller (boots)
Catnapper (furniture)
CCM (bicycles)
Cedar Creek (luggage)
Century (baby items)
Champion (athletic apparel)
Chaps (cologne)
Chef 2000 (knife set)
Chef America/ Hot Pockets (food)
Cher-Make (sausage)
Chevrolet (1 classic Camaro for sale)
Chex Mix (snack foods)
Chicago (inline skates)
Chino's (clothing)
Choice Hotels (Quality Inn, Sleep Inn, etc)
Christian Dior (cologne)
City Casuals (clothing)
Clicker (garage door opener)
Coast (CD cases)
Coca-Cola ("Breakmate" beverage system)
Coffee Break (coffee maker)
Coleman (cooler)
Columbia (sports apparel)
Conair (bathroom appliances)
Contadina (pasta sauce)
Converse (sportswear)
Corning Ware (serving dishes)
Cosco (baby items)
Cosco (baby products)
Cosmopolitan (body bench)
Counterparts (clothing)
Countess Mara (ties)
Country Time (lemonade)
Craig (CD player)
Cross Creek (golf shirts)
Crunch & Munch (snack foods)
Cuisinart (small kitchen appliances)
Curtis (CD player)
D J Summers (clothing)
Deer Stags (shoes)
Delonghi (espresso maker)
Dexter USA (clothing)
Dickies (boots)
"Disney's" (unknown division of The Walt Disney Company)
Dockers (shoes)
Duck Head (clothes)
Duracell (batteries)
Duracraft (humidifier)
DW3 (clothing)
E D Michaels (clothing)
Ear Sense (earrings)
Egg Beaters (egg substitutes)
Elle (activewear)
Emerson (electronics)
Energizer (batteries)
Essence (pantyhose)
Etienne Aigner (clothing accessories)
Etonic (golf equipment)
Eureka (vacuum cleaner)
Euroblaster (car cleaner)
Evan-Picone (hand bags)
Evergood (knife set)
Expo (clothing)
Faberware (utensils)
Fairway Blues (golf shirts)
Famous Amos (cookies)
Farberware (small kitchen appliances)
Faultless (small appliances)
Fieldcrest/ Cannon (bedroom linens)
Fiesta (barbeque)
Firestone (car tires)
First Bank of South Dakota (VISA credit card)
Fisher (electronics)
Florsheim (shoes)
Ford (1 classic Mustang car for sale)
Foster Grave (sun glasses)
Fournier (storage cabinet)
Franklin (electronic Bible)
French Shriner (shoes)
Friday's Bra (undergarments)
Frigidaire (air conditioner)
Frito-Lay (snack food)
FTD (flower arrangements)
Fuji (film)
Gabardine (clothing)
Gant (clothes)
Gardetto's (snack food)
Gary Larson's "The Far Side" (coffee mugs)
Gary Player (golf equipment)
Gateway 2000 (personal computers)
GE/ General Electric (electronics)
General Mills (cereals)
Geoffrey Beene (clothes)
Gerber (baby items)
Gilmour (garden hose)
Giorgio Saint (clothing)
Givenchy (clothing)
Good Humor (cookie sandwich)
Goodyear (car tires)
GPX (electronics)
Gran Emyco (shoes)
Gran Flex (shoes)
Grand Plaza (luggage)
Groboski (car carrier)
Gross Outs (plastic bandages)
Gruen Hummel (pendant watch)
Gummi Bears (candy)
Haggar (clothing)
Hamilton Beach (small kitchen appliances)
Hanes (pantyhose)
Hansen's (fruit smoothies)
Harley-Davidson (1 classic motorcycle for sale)
Harmony (garment bag)
Healthrider (exercise machine)
Healthy Choice (food)
Hefty (food bags)
Hienz (A-1 steak sauce)
Henry Grethel (clothing)
Heritage (ceiling fans)
Herman Kay (clothing)
Hershey (chocolate candies)
Hi-Tec (shoes)
Hillshire Farms (breakfast meats)
Hitatchi (electronics)
HK Tech (clothing)
Hoover (vacuum)
Howard Miller (desk clock)
Hunter (ceiling fans)
Hush Puppies (clothing)
Images (undergarments)
In Gear (sports bag)
Indiglo (clock)
Infinity (answering machine)
Ingenious Designs (various products)
Ingraham (clocks)
Interpak (tooth products)
Intex (camp equipment)
Izod (clothing)
Jason Cole (clothing)
Jay's (potato chips)
Jeep (cargo bag)
Jelly Belly (snack foods)
Jennifer L (shirts)
Jessica Howard (clothing)
Jimmy Dean (food)
Jockey (clothes)
Jockey For Her (undergarments)
Joe Boxer (undergarments)
John Weitz (clothing)
Johnson & Johnson (tooth floss)
Johnson & Murphy (clothing)
Jones New York (clothing)
Jordache (clothing)
Joujou (clothing)
JVC (electronics)
K-Swiss (tennis shoes)

K-Tel (birdhouse)
Kalimar (35mm camera)
Karin Stevens (clothing)
Kaukauma (cheese)
Keds (socks)
Keebler (foods)
Kellogg's (cereal)
Kenwood (electronics)
Kidde (fire extinguisher)
Kings Cobra (golf clubs)
Kinko's (copy service center)
Kinon (35mm camera)
Kluge (luggage)
Kodak (camera film)
Kool-Aid (juice mix)
Kozy Kids (baby products)
Krups (coffee grinder)
LA Gear (athletic apparel)
Lake of the Woods (boots)
Land O Lakes (pasta)
Lane (recliner)
Lee (jeans)
Levolor (blinds)
Libbey (glassware)
Life Magazine (historical editions)
LifeSavers (candies)
Lipton (tea mixes)
London Fog (clothes)
Looney Tunes (plastic bandages)
Lorenzo (hand bags)
Lucien Piccard (watches)
M&M/ Mars (chocolate candies)
Magnavox (electronics)
Majestic (clothing0
Manhattan (clothing)
Martex (bathroom linens)
Mary McFadden (clothing)
Maxell (blank audio and video tapes)
MCI (long-distance telephone service)
Meco (chairs)
Members Only (clothing)
Memorex (cassette tapes)
Merino Wool (clothing)
Metro (bath scale)
Mickey & Co/ Walt Disney Co. (clothing)
Mikona (35mm camera)
Minit-Lube (oil change)
Minolta (35mm camera)
Miracle-Gro (plant food)
Misty-Harbor (clothing)
Mootsies Tootsies (sandals)
Mott's (applesauce and juice)
Movado (watches)
Mr Coffee (small kitchen appliances)
Mr. Nature (trail mix)
Mr. Potato Head (lawn sprinkler)
Mr. Spice (sauces)
Muskin (swimming pool)
Nabisco (snack food/ cookies)
Naturalizer (shoes)
Nestea (iced tea)
Nestle (food)
Nevados (boots)
New Balance (shoes)
Newell (shades)
NFL (branded clothing)
Nikon (camera)
Norelco (shaving products)
Northwestern Bell (telephone)
Olga (undergarments)
Oneida (utensils)
Optiwhite (tooth whitening tablets)
Oreck (vacuum)
Panasonic (stereo systems)
Panasonic REAL (CD mutli-player)
Paragon (alarm clock)
Peds (sport socks)
Pendleton (clothing)
Pepperidge Farm (snack foods)
Perry Ellis (clothing)
Personna (shaving products)
Phillps Magnavox (electronics)
Pierre Cardin (clothing)
Plano (tackle box)
Planters (snack foods)
Playskool (children's items)
Polartec (winter clothing)
Pony (shoes)
Poolmaster (floating lounge)
Porter Case (luggage)
Positive Attitude (clothing)
Poulan (power tools)
Power Rangers (licenced products)
Powerline (vacuum)
Precious Moments (collectible figurines)
Premier (35mm camera)
Proctor-Silex (small kitchen appliances)
Proform (crosstrainer)
Protax (35mm camera)
Puma (athletic wear)
Puzzle Plex (3-D jigsaw puzzle)
Q-Lube (oil change)
Quaker/ Quaker Oats (cereals)
Quasar (air conditioner)
Ralph Lauren (clothing)
Ray-Ban (sun glasses)
RCA (portable stereo)
Recoton (electronic accessories)
Red Cross (first aid products)
Reebok (children shoes)
Regal (steamer)
Remington (small bathroom appliances)
Renoe ("ethnic hair care")
Replogle (globe)
Resilio (men's ties)
Revell (car models)
Revere (cookware)
Riceland (rice)
Ritz (snack food)
Rival (serving dishes)
Road Mate (shoes)
Roadmaster (treadmill)
Robb Ross (salad dressing)
Robotic-Socket (car care equipment)
Rockport (shoes)
Rold Gold (pretzels)
Rolodex (electronic notebook)
Roper (air conditioner)
Round Up (garden products)
Royal (electronic data bank)
Royal Velvet (bathroom linens)
Rubbermaid (containers)
Ryka (shoes)
Safer (weed killer)
Safety First (baby items)
Sakar (35mm camera)
Sam & Libby (clothes)
Samsonite (luggage)
Samsung (electronics)
Sansui (car stereo)
Sanyo (electronics)
Sauder (furniture)
Scoot (garden products)
Scotts (garden products)
Scotts (paper products)
Seiko (watch)
Sesame Street (baby products)
Sharp (electronics)
Singer (small household appliances)
Skil (power tools)
Smith Corona (electric typewriter)
Sonicpick (tooth care)
Soundesign (telephone)
South Bend (fishing gear)
Southwestern Bell (telephone)
Spalding (sports apparel)
Spartus (clock)
Speedo (swimwear)
Sportcraft (dart board)
Sporto (shoes)
Spumoni (clothing)
Stamina (rowing machine)
Stanley Blacker (clothing)
Starter (sports apparel)
State Fair (hot dogs)
Sun-Maid (raisins)
Sunbeam (small kitchen appliances)
Suncast (garage organizer)
Sunshine (food)
Supp-Hose (socks)
Swan (garden hose)
Sweet 'n Low (sugar substitute)
Swiss Miss (hot chocolate)
T-Fal (cooking pans)
T-Shirt Kids (pendants)
Tasco (hand-held telescope)
Tato Skins (snack food)
TDK (cassette tapes)
Texsport (camp equipment)
Timber Creek (camping tent)
Timberland (clothing)
Timex (alarm clock)
Titan (bicycling helmets)
Toastmaster (small kitchen appliances)
Top Flite (golf clubs)
Toro (power tools)
Toshiba (electronics)
Track & Field (socks)
Turntec (shoes)
Twizzler (candy)
Uniden (small electronic devices)
Unisonic (telephones)
Unlisted/ Kenneth Cole (hand bags)
V Tech (telephone)
Van Heusen (clothing)
Vans (shoes)
Velamints (mint candies)
Victoria Craeger (clothing)
Vidal Sassoon (hair products)
Vivitar (35mm camera)
Voit (home gym)
Wahl (shaving products)
Waring (serving dishes)
Warners (undergarments)
Waterford Crystal (crystal products)
Waterman (pen set)
Webster's (dictionary, encyclopedia)
Weedeater (lawn care products)
Wenzel (camp equipment)
West Bend (small kitchen appliances)
Westpoint Stevens (bathroom linens)
Whirlpool (major appliances)
Whistler (radar detector)
Wilson (athletic equipment)
Windmere (electric shaver)
Wolverine Wilderness (watches)
Wonderbra (bra)
Woolrich (clothing)
Wrangler (clothing)
X-Appeal (undergarments)
Yamaha (electronics)
Yashica (35mm camera)
Yoo-Hoo (drinks)
Yorx (electronics)
Yukon (shoes)
Yves Saint Laurent (clothing)
Zenith (major appliances)

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