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Whether it's a small, one page site with a few images or a full-blown e-commerce site with a shopping cart and credit card processing, we can handle it!

We understand that every client is different and has unique needs. Rather than try to create a price list, we will work with you and quote you a price that reflects both the site you desire and a price that is within your budget.

We provide full-service support, including:
 Listening to and designing a site according to a client's needs rather than designing a site that looks "cool" simply for the sake of looking cool.
 We specialize in making our websites usable- if a customer can't figure out how to purchase an item and you lose a sale, then you've lost money.

We will work with you during the entire creation of your website, including:
 Registering your domain name.
 Finding a hosting company that best suits your needs and budget. (We recommend against using a "free" hosting company.)
 Coding and design of pages. Please note that custom graphics (beyond basic layout and navigation) may be an additional charge.
 Testing the website and and adjusting the pages based on client feedback.
 If your site requires ongoing updates, we can provide this service as well... or we can teach you to update the site yourself.
 Advice on marketing your website, including how to best optimize your site, how to use Facebook and Twitter, and how to build traffic with YouTube.

If you require an e-commerce site or would like to accept payments for goods and services, we also offer:
 Advice on creating a PayPal account.
 Advice on creating a merchant account to accept credit cards.
 Advice on configuring your "gateway" to process credit card payments.
 Advice on creating a shopping cart payment system so you won't need a secure server on your site.

Please see our Portfolio Page for a sampling of the sites we have designed.

To contact us, please use the e-mail link, below.

Comments, questions, concerns?
Feel free to send an e-mail: John Hoagland