Testing the boat This is an annual event that brings families together to build a wooden boat -The Eastport Pram- totally from scratch. With no prior woodworking or boating experience the families build, rig, and sail their own boat.

This is an opportunity to introduce sailing as a way to introduce potential job skills, life skills, and the self-esteem that many of these kids never had before. Many will learn, for the first time, to work with others toward a common goal, others will learn problem solving and conflict resolution.

This program does not give a child a boat ride- it gives that child a sense of accomplishment from building his own boat and sailing it long into the future.

The EYC Foundation sponsors the Annapolis Family Boat Building Program as a way to encourage more families to build something together. In building a small boat they learn how important family relationships can be and in so doing will strengthen their own family bonds. Building a boat gives them a great sense of accomplishment and provides an experience that lasts a lifetime. For more information on this program go to Annapolis Family Boatbuilding (link opens in a new window).

The Annapolis Family Boat Building Program is currently in need of volunteers for their Memorial Day Event (to be held Friday, May 27th to Monday, May 30th). If you would like to volunteer, please Contact Us.

We invite you to view our photo gallery from past years' programs:
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