Box of Rain logo The Box of Rain program was conceived in the aftermath of the tragic death of Annapolis sailor Lee Griffin. Lee was a member of the Eastport Yacht Club who loved living in Annapolis and sailing the Chesapeake. Lee was killed in a senseless car jacking by two young men from the local area.

As a tribute to Lee, and to perpetuate his memory and spirit, the EYC Foundation met with local people in the community to develop a program to help "at-risk" young people in Annapolis and the surrounding communities. Something was needed to point these kids in the right direction, to give them a sense of worth and belonging in the community.

What resulted was the Box of Rain Sailing Program run by Anne Harrington. The program provides an opportunity for the young people selected to achieve a sense of accomplishment, responsibility, and self worth. Running for several months each summer, Box of Rain provides class room training in all aspects of boat handling, navigation, and other nautical skills. On the water training give the kids the opportunity to be in charge and begin to understand what it might be like to be in control of their own lives.

The bottom line concept of this program is to foster better relationships between and among the diverse groups in our community through a shared maritime program for our children that will encourage mutual respect and understanding. A respect and understanding that will help prevent future tragedies by providing a young person with a new compass for their life.

Lee Griffin was an audio engineer who worked extensively with the rock group The Grateful Dead. Box of Rain was the name of Lee's sailboat and it was taken from a Grateful Dead song of the same name. Click here for Box of Rain lyrics.

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