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Tabby 2 in Short White Dress
John Hoagland
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Tabby 2 with a glass
Leaning on Hands

MEDIUM: Digital

All of my images are made using a combination of sketches, scans, digital models, computer software, and are made solely by me.

I create my artwork by first developing and sketching an idea for the image. I may sketch the idea in Photoshop or the "old-fashioned" way of pencil on paper. I then use this sketch as a "storyboard" to create a virtual scene using computer software.

As I'm creating the virtual scene, I may change the camera angle from my original sketch... and sometimes this adjustment helps me create a piece better than I had originally planned!

I have been making digital artwork since 2000, though many of my earlier images were humorous or comic-book style images. By 2003, I had developed a main subject for my artwork: the character called "Tabby". By 2007, I had refined the character into three versions: the first one has long hair, the second version has short hair and glasses, and the third version is a combination of the first two, with both long hair and glasses.

Also in 2007, I started to develop my own "cel-shaded" style, which gives some of my pieces a more traditional animated look.

As you can see, not all of my artwork includes Tabby. However, these pieces are created the same way: I sketch out a rough idea, scan it in, and then fill in the details using digital models. The finished piece has the same composition and point-of-view of my original sketch, but the final lighting and coloring of the models can create a very different look and feel.

Most of my artwork is available for sale, ranging in size from very large (24"x36") to small (8.5"x11"), to a few sizes in-between.
Framed Giclee prints of my artwork are also available.

Online Image Gallery

My gallery of images. Note: some images may not be for sale due to copyright reasons.
Please note that most images are suitable for all audiences, however, there are a few with artistic nudity. These images have "warnings" in the title.
Some of the older images are included in the gallery for the sake of completeness... and to show how my style has changed over the years.

Tabby Portrait 3
Accomplishments and Gallery Appearances

Please see my Accomplishments Page for the full list of my accomplishments and gallery appearances.

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