JCH Digital Designs - Have we Gone too far in the Name of Security

Have we Gone too far in the Name of Security

Description of artwork:
This picture was based on an experience at BWI Airport two weeks after the events of September 11. I waited in line (at the front counter) for almost 2 hours to get a boarding pass for my U.S. Airways/ Metrojet flight back to Orlando... even thought I had purchased an "e-ticket" through U.S. Airways' website. Due to additional "security", however, everyone was now required to check in at the front counter. E-ticket holders were (and -due to customer complaints about the delays- are now) allowed to show the e-ticket to the security people, check-in at the gate, and relieve the front counter of that many customers.)

Although this sign may be an exaggeration now, I wondered how much longer until it became reality? During the last months of 2001, airports had increased the recommended arrival time from "2 hours" to "4 hours" before the scheduled departure time.

When I first posted this image on Renderosity, a debate began- but with radical opinions: some people actually said that this type of security would be better than "taking an unscheduled tour of the Empire State Building".

However, as I add this image to my website's image gallery in November 2002, I wonder if the tighented "security" on U.S. flights has actually improved flight security or if it's just a good show for the public?

Character rendered in Poser, everything else composited in Photoshop.

  • My own Michelle character
  • Vicky clothing (by DAZ)
  • background image of Orlando International Airport (found on their website)

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