How to Spot an Amway Distributor

Below is a list of behaviors and characteristics that Amway distributors commonly exhibit. If someone you know exhibits a few of these characteristics, there may be cause to worry. But if the person exhibits ALL (or most) of the characteristics, they are very probably approaching you to look at the Amway business.

Whatever you do, NEVER, EVER give your telephone number or home address to someone you suspect is a distributor. You might be able to get that distributor to stop calling you, but chances are, he has given your telephone number to everyone in his upline. Without knowing (and without your permission), any number of people will call you offering to "answer any questions you may have." Also keep in mind that some distributors are so desperate to build their business, that (having only your address) they will go to the trouble of hunting down your home telephone number using the phone book or the Internet.

These behaviors have been donated by a number of contributors.

Here are some general questions that can "give away" an Amway distributor:

  1. Has an old friend from high school called you recently and asked to meet with you for no particular reason or for a "vague" reason?
  2. Does someone want to just have lunch with you about a "business opportunity?"
  3. Does someone in your church that you never had lunch with before all of a sudden wants to take you to lunch?
  4. Is there a group of people in your church who all sit together, dress the same way, and after church stand together talking, but every once in a while their group seems to grow?
  5. Is there an "exclusive" group of people in your company that always goes to lunch together, yet is growing?
  6. Are you tempted to call a number that is on a "tear-off notice" on a public bulletin board at the post office, grocery store, or restaurant?
  7. Does a fellow employee that you never talk to suddenly want to meet with you?
  8. Have you been invited to a meeting to look at "a business opportunity" but the details have not been explained to your satisfaction?
  9. Does an acquaintence strongly want to get you involved with a business that is "really going places, but you have to get it in on it now or you'll miss out?"

At church, here are some "warning signs":

You might be approached by a distributor if the following phrases are brought up with little or no introduction:

Here are some common lines used by distributors. If you hear any of these, you should get away as quickly as possible.

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